Komatsu 931 Harvester Video

KOMATSU Model 931 Harvester

A powerhouse that’s as nimble as it is robust with future technology benefiting everything from work capacity and operator environment to operating economy and eco-friendliness. All the new technology is centered on Komatsu’s unique visibility optimized and stabilized crane placement.

This is what makes the new Komatsu 931 such an exceptional profit-maker in truly demanding logging. One of the biggest new features of the 931 is the unique and revolutionary 3-pump hydraulics. This new technology gives you all the lifting power you need. What’s more, the smart pressure and flow optimization means that you can do several things at once, such as slew and feed, with full hydraulic power and maintain a considerably higher work rate.

Because of this we can a full 360 degrees of cab rotation that enables you to process more from the same spot, which optimizes forwarding.