“Power Strong”  – The Employees of Power Equipment Co.

“Sometimes the heavens smile on you and your two favorite passions come together.” Gary McQueen started his career as an auto mechanic but he also had a passion for computers. McQueen attended computer programming classes at night while working as an auto mechanic. After getting his degree in computer programming, McQueen had the opportunity to work as a computer programmer for a large, worldwide company, but as luck would have it, the company closed down and McQueen went to his other passion and opened his own grading company. However, his love for programming couldn’t be denied and he was also the data processing manager for a trucking company. Eventually McQueen became the equipment manager for a large, local contracting company and in 2004, McQueen came to Power Equipment as the service manager at the Kingsport, TN location. During McQueen’s service at Power Equipment, his love of machinery and technology finally came together when Komatsu introduced their IMC machinery. In April 2018, McQueen will be retiring and will be spending time with his number one passion, his family. We at Power wish Gary a long and healthy retirement and we will forever admire his service and devotion to Power Equipment, making him “Power Strong!”


“Sometimes I think I was born with a wrench in my hand.  I remember being seven years old and helping work on the machinery on the farm I grew up on.  And I can proudly say that in March 2018, I will start my 44th year in servicing heavy equipment.  I’ve always liked working on excavators because of their versatility and also on paving equipment because of the effort, planning and thought process that goes into them.  And even though cranes, skid steers and dozers are not my favorite machines to repair, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to work on them.  I have seen the progression of repairing a machine go from observing what didn’t move when you pulled a lever or pushed a pedal to using a laptop and specialized tools to complete the repair.  Although technology will never replace a well-trained tech, I think going into the future we will see the diagnostics we use now become “real time” troubleshooting to diagnose repair problems before the tech arrives.  Repairing a machine will always be a “hands-on” operation.  Knowing how to  incorporate best practices from the past, along with innovations yet to come, is what makes me… “Power Strong!”


After working 15 years in the rental equipment business, my opportunity came in 2002, with Power Equipment Company and their rental division, Certified Rental. After checking out  Power Equipment and their Certified Rental program, I realized this is the place I wanted to be.  Certified Rental and Power Equipment’s commitment to always provide low hour, professionally maintained equipment is a huge asset in helping me provide the best value for my rental customers.
I firmly believe that by providing my customers with top of the line rental equipment and support from our factory-trained technicians and knowledgeable parts departments, I can help improve their efficiency, reduce their downtime and have a customer for life.   Continuing to find ways to take the best care of my customers is what  makes me . . . . “Power Strong!”


“My career with Power Equipment Company began in 1982. I was amazed at how many of the employees had been here most of their careers. It was obvious that Power Equipment cared for and took care of their employees. Now, I am one of the “old guys” that has spent the majority of my career with a great family company.” Jim heads up Power’s credit and retail finance department and remembers the days when rates and contracts were done with pencil, calculator and a typewriter. These days, although the process is much easier, finding customers the right financing solutions requires experience and research. Jim adds “Continuing to be creative and working with our financing sources to come up with the best solution for our customer’s financing needs makes me – “Power Strong!”


“Since 1951, Power Equipment Company in Kingsport has been known as a family company. In 1977, while working for a local truck and trailer parts company, a friend told me Power Equipment needed someone in their parts department. After twice weekly visits to the parts manager for almost four months, I joined Power as the youngest person at the store. Most of the employees at the store had anywhere from 10 to 40 years with Power and everyone, including the mechanics, took time to teach and explain how things worked. At Power, not only do we provide parts support for our customers, but also for the service department. As the machines change and advance, so has the way we provide support – from microfiche, hard cover parts books and handwritten lists to ordering parts online from vendors and advancements in processing orders. Having the “power” to change with the times and to use the knowledge and experience I gain every day makes me…“Power Strong!”


“Power Equipment has been a “family name” for as long as I can remember. I started with Power Equipment as a helper more than 31 years ago and I guess you could say I’ve grown up in the business, along with other members of my family who have, or still do work for Power. A lot has changed over the years, especially in how the machines operate and how they are repaired. Technological advances have created machines that are more efficient and that means technological advances in the way they are repaired. I never thought I would “go back to school” to learn how to repair a machine, but it has turned out to be something I enjoy doing and am pleased that I am now a Komatsu Master Technician and that makes me …“Power Strong!”


“Working on heavy equipment is in my blood. When I came to Power Equipment over 42 years ago, I not only joined the Power “family” but also my father, brothers and uncle who were also Power technicians. I guess you could say I cut my teeth on heavy equipment. I’ve always enjoyed working on machinery but excavators have been my passion and also the old Inter- national Harvester brand when they were around. It amazes me to see all of the innovations and improvements that have come around, not only to the machines but in how they are serviced. I enjoy learning new techniques and have achieved the level of Komatsu Master Technician. And that makes me …“Power Strong!”


I’ve worked for Power Equipment for over twenty years. Dozers, excavators and wheel loaders have always been in the Power line up of machines, but I was challenged to learn something new when we added our forestry line. Forestry has become an integral part of Power, right along side the construction machines. I guess I’ve become the “go to” person for forestry and I must admit, forestry has its challenges, but it is something I enjoy doing. And that makes me …“Power Strong!”