Undercarriage / Track Management System

Correctly managing the undercarriage of your excavators and crawler dozers is critical to their service life and productivity. A “Run to Destruction” approach is not always the best option. A cost cutting step could be as simple as pin and bushing turn. A wet pin and bushing turn will prolong the sealability and allow you to get full link life. Based on your machine’s application and the amount and type of wear, Power can develop an appropriate undercarriage management program to better schedule necessary track maintenance.

Regularly scheduled undercarriage inspections through our Track Management System (TMS) program and timely replacement and repair of worn components will help extend the life of the undercarriage, increase productivity, reduce downtime, and reduce the machine’s operating cost per hour.

Faster, Easier Inspections and the Right Recommendations

A Power Customer Support Representative can take all required measurements and accurately determine wear. Based on this data and other critical factors, he can make the appropriate recommendations to assure maximum utilization of your undercarriage components.

Power TMS Benefits

  • Thorough inspection of undercarriage systems
  • Accurately determine wear of parts Extend undercarriage life and project remaining use Optimize machine’s cost per hour Store data for analysis Easy-to-read reports and graphs

It is not enough to just measure undercarriage wear, you need a program to manage undercarriage wear!

For more information about TMS, contact your local Power Customer Support Representative.