Component Forecasting 

At Power Equipment, our goal is to focus on solutions that help lower your owning and operating costs and to provide complete product support satisfaction.

The Power Component Forecasting System monitors every major power train and working component, as well as undercarriage, on a monthly basis and provides Power and the customer with a warning notification.

If a failure is impending, the warning is then supported with an oil analysis for use in subsequent evaluations with the customer to design the best course of action with minimal interruption to production schedules. Through this process, stock outs of critical components are eliminated and uptime is maximized.

Other secondary benefits of the system are planning tools for financial budgets as well as planning for future events and budgeting of major repairs or change outs when the machines are not assigned for work.

The Power Component Forecasting System enables customers who own or operate equipment to keep track of and manage the following:

    • Scheduled downtime
    • Fleet information
    • Specific machine information
    • Machine monitoring
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Scheduling of labor
    • Parts availability
    • Equipment availability
    • Equipment productivity
    • Lower owning and operating costs
    • Budgeting and timing of fleet repairs
    • Component tracking reports

The Power Component Forecasting System helps customer avoid costly repairs by providing information necessary to schedule component replacement before a failure occurs. Replacing components before a failure typically cuts the machines total repair costs by approximately 25 – 30% (industry estimate.)

This system was developed with the understanding that Prevention is better than Reaction and that scheduled downtime leads to more efficient operations. That creates a substantial cost savings!

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