Machine Control

Working at your top performance and productivity levels is essential to your bottom line. Power Equipment’s Machine Control Division is designed to help you achieve just that. Our team of experts are specialists at outfitting new and currently in-use equipment with innovative solutions to ensure you are working at your peak performance levels.

In addition, our Machine Control Division is the first and only certified repair center for Komatsu IMC components in North America. This means our specialists are authorized to diagnose & repair Komatsu IMC controller (MCR3) & monitors (GX60) for failures occurring outside of the Komatsu IMC component warranty period of four years/4,000 hours.

Learn more about our machine control options or receive a quote, by contacting us at 502-438-2226.

Here are the manufacturers we work with today to ensure your machines are outfitted with the best solution for your jobs.

Intelligent Machine Control technology solutions make our customers more productive today and in the future.

Adding Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control system is a formula for unmatched productivity improvement. Learn more about Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control solutions.

What is “Intelligent Machine Control?”

How Does Intelligent Machine Control Work?

Why Intelligent Machine Control?

Topcon geospatial solutions connect the field and the office in real time. 

Topcon products can be retro-fit on all types of construction, site-prep, forestry, agriculture and other equipment serving many industries. Learn more about TopCon Products and how they can improve your productivity and performance.

Level Best is the world’s leading manufacturer of laser grading attachments. They are unequaled for creating highly precise finish grades for site preparation and maintenance. Level Best laser grading equipment is made in the USA to exceptionally high quality standards, and offers the broadest selection of any equipment of its type.

Level Best laser grading boxes are carefully engineered and well made. Their super smooth hydraulic valve system allows for greater precision by eliminating jerky movements during adjustments. Only Level Best create grades as accurate as 1/10th of an inch with such ease, speed and reliability. Learn more about Level-Best products.

Meet our Machine Control Group

Front row, left to right; Tanner Beecham – Machine Control Specialist, Anthony Neely – Machine Control Specialist, Kyle Whitaker – Machine Control Technician, Joe Kiesel – Machine Control Specialist, Brandon Karem – General Manager

Back row, left to right; Craig Stickler – Machine Control Specialist, Larry Hansen – Paving Technology Specialist, Eric Tucker – Machine Control Specialist, Jacob Burch – Sales Administrator