Power Equipment announces Komatsu’s PC210LCi-11 Excavator

Versatility in a compact size; Proprietary intelligent Machine Control 2.0 offers significant productivity gains

Knoxville, Tennessee, January, 2021– Power Equipment is excited to announce the arrival of the PC210LCi-11 excavator. The newest addition to Komatsu’s iMC 2.0 line-up, the PC210LCi-11 is a smart choice for contractors who need a versatile solution that still offers excellent range. With 165 HP (123kW) and weighing 51,397-53,882 lbs. (23,313 – 24,440 kg), the PC210LCi-11 is Komatsu’s smallest machine control excavator. It excels at digging precise footings, retention ponds and utility work, while its updated, factory-integrated system minimizes over-excavation and empowers operators to dig straight to grade quickly and accurately.

Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) also helps contractors close the skill gap between new and experienced operators, a key factor in maintaining a healthy bottom line. A part of the company’s suite of Smart Construction products, services and digital solutions, iMC incorporates a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology. It gives contractors access to sophisticated, productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job site design.

Developed with input from leading construction companies, iMC helps firms:

  • Get new operators up to speed quickly
  • Go from mass ex to finished grading faster than ever
  • Fully integrate 3D design data into your machines
  • Empower operators to work efficiently, pass after pass

Work smarter from rough dig to finish grade

Give operators the power to work more efficiently than they ever could with conventional aftermarket machine guidance (indicate only) or manual operation. Intelligent Machine Control (iMC) excavators with semi-automatic control offer the capability to work smart from rough digging to finish grading, and help minimize over-excavation to make every pass count.

  • Semi-automatic for trenching, slope work and high production applications
  • Protection + precision + performance = the formula for pursuing maximum productivity versus conventional machine guidance

Features for iMC 2.0 excavators

Perform finish grading using only arm input

Operators can finish grade quickly and accurately with a bucket angle hold control that automatically holds the bucket angle to the design surface during arm operation, enabling operators to perform finish grading using only arm input.

Auto tilt bucket control 

With integrated machine control, the auto tilt bucket control on the PC210LCi-11 assists the operator in aligning the bucket parallel with the slope, so that finish grading can be accomplished without having to align the machine with the target surface. 

Just as technology has transformed global business, intelligent machine control can help quickly transform construction job sites into highly efficient, highly productive operations. For more details on the PC210LCi-11 with iMC 2.0, go to LINK.

About Komatsu

Komatsu is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment, technologies and services for the construction, forklift, mining, industrial and forestry markets. For nearly a century, Komatsu equipment and services have been used by companies worldwide to develop modern infrastructure, extract fundamental minerals, maintain forests and create technology and consumer products. The company’s global service and distributor networks support customer operations, tapping into the power of data and technology to enhance safety and productivity while optimizing performance. Learn more at komatsuamerica.com.

About Power Equipment 

Power Equipment Company is a subsidiary of Bramco Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Power, together with its sister company, Brandeis Machinery & Supply, constitutes one of the largest construction and mining equipment distribution networks in the United States. Together they have fourteen branches throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas.



Kara Hamilton

Marketing Manager