At Power Equipment Company, our goal is to focus on solutions that will help lower your costs and provide complete product support satisfaction. We have a number of services designed for you to maximize your equipment investment. To request information on a service listed below, press the Service Request link on this page. 

Field Lube Services & Planned Maintenance Program


Power Equipment lube trucks are equipped to service all makes and models in the field. We come to you and work on your schedule! If you are changing your own oil and filters, sending a staff mechanic to a job site, or perhaps having an equipment operator take care of his own machine, then there are some important questions you should ask yourself:

  • Am I precise about having the oil and filters changed at the proper time?
  • Does there ever seem to be a good time for maintenance?
  • If an EPA inspector came to my job site, would my oil changing capabilities pass agency scrutiny? Would I be facing a potentially hefty fine and penalty for improper disposal?
  • And the most important question of all…is there a better way?

Yes, with the Power Equipment Planned Maintenance Program there is a better way. We believe that it makes a lot of sense for equipment owners to turn to Power for routine planned and preventive maintenance. It assures them that the work will always be done at the optimum time using the proper fluids and filters. Our Planned Maintenance Program also disposes of used materials in an environmentally acceptable manner. Proper disposal is especially important for contractors whose machines are normally on a job site.

In additions to EPA mandates, Power Equipment’s sponsored Planned Maintenance Program offers contractors real value. The bottom line for any equipment owner is to minimize operation costs. Having Power perform your planned maintenance can accomplish this in a number of ways. Planned Maintenance Program includes:

  • Flat-rate pricing with no hidden costs for all makes and models. Provide us with the estimated hours you plan to use each piece of equipment over the next 12 months, and we can calculate the cost of all fluids, filters, oil sampling, greasing and service time.
  • Increase production by freeing up your valuable employees to do more productive work.
  • Reduce downtime and major repair bills by having a trained Power professional inspect your machine while maintaining it. There is a lot more involved in planned maintenance than changing fluids and filters.
  • Increase life and eventual trade-in value by having a certified and authorized dealer provide a record of your maintenance history.

Oil Sampling

Routine oil and wear analysis helps to detect equipment abnormalities early and correct them before they become big problems. The Power Equipment Oil Sampling Service Program is simple and inexpensive. It helps prevent expensive repairs and prolonged, unscheduled downtime – the most costly aspect of equipment failure.With Oil Sampling, you are assured of the highest-quality analysis available. Tests are performed by experienced, specialized technicians. Oil Sampling Services:

  • Field Representatives
  • Regional Location
  • Maintain History after Warranty
  • Full-Service Lab
  • Exclusive Komatsu Specifications
  • LOAMS Software-Tracks Equipment Trends
  • Certified Analysis
  • Single Source For All Equipment

Maintenance and Repair Contracts

Maintenance and Repair Contracts (MARC) is Power’s solution to eliminate unknown maintenance and repair expenses for your machines. It is most applicable to moderate use of machines; less than 2,500 hours per year. It provides a fixed hourly cost that can be used to budget accurately and to plan your operating expenses throughout the contract term.

From hydraulic leaks to engine failures, your machine is repaired with no additional cost. The MARC includes fluids, parts, labor, travel time and mileage for covered items.

Models available in the MARC Program:

  • D39 – D65 Dozers
  • PC138 – PC490 Excavators
  • WA200 – WA500 Wheel Loaders
  • HM300 – HM400 Articulated Trucks